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carlopav yorik master 2019-08-15 20:07:27 master 12dc2e91
Affected Issues  0003537: [macOS] Draft Edit mode not working (HiDPi issue)
Changeset [Draft] Draft Edit - various fixes (fixes 0003537)
To solve issue with Hidpi display (fixes 0003537), but also to improve node selection, I used some of @looo code from pivy graphics into the tool.
- i got rid of the action function
- i separated selection and editing callbacks
- i got the mouse position from the callback event and not from FreeCADGui.ActiveDocument.ActiveView.getCursorPos()
- i rewrote the node selection mechanism using soraypickaction instead of getObjectInfo() and getObjectsInfo()
- i tried to put a bit of order in all the mess i made and try to document it.
- also fixed some of the preview code.
- i'm really really sorry for not being able to split the commit in multiple one, but the changes are huge and i was just able to separate minor things...
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