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commit 8853bf442b6e1a98699fa90fca5eb30b3f6d3a5e
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Tue Jul 29 15:46:59 2014 +1200

    Refactoring and small fix in constraint icon bounding boxes

commit c03e4c13d8fd657e18e3c78d16bbdef209f8c779
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Mon Jul 28 15:41:15 2014 +1200

    Implemented picking of individual constraints from combined icons

commit 254aaab450fe6646bee7542c532c454af91b6597
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Mon Jul 28 13:04:18 2014 +1200

    Added bounding boxes for combined constraint icons

commit 4f0738ec30220fbf1abdea14dd121d0a134e5dfd
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Sat Jul 26 18:53:33 2014 +1200

    Added screenCoordsOfPath() to View3DInventorViewer

commit 14e2dc7b4aa79db97cbacd2c848728a66276d644
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Sun Jul 20 14:24:27 2014 +1200

    Bit of code to make constraint icon text rendering nicer.

    This won't be useful unless the font changes, but wanted to add it while
    I was thinking about it.

commit 8020d2d62214d71875cbae101d5ac5e96d998201
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Sun Jul 20 13:54:51 2014 +1200

    Fixed an off-by-one in ViewProviderSketch::combineConstratintIcons

    Bug resulted in icons occasionally not being combined into groups,
    when they should've been.

commit 20d92a3ccc1f795be1cb86f6f92045518dc8eb81
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 19:38:20 2014 +1200

    Fixed a bug that was introduced two commits ago.

commit 69e1ea848e3bc3c8c372c539f30a7b4d2a563aa2
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 15:33:30 2014 +1200

    Fixed dumb copy-and-paste error

commit a998b75a905cc31e1f4f49869e81ecaef5858b69
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Sun Jul 13 18:39:22 2014 +1200

    Fixed crash reported by sponssi

    More info at

commit 27b7b804790dda5164c7ef0b9418f6c160228859
Author: Ian Rees <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 13:32:16 2014 +1200

    Cleaning up my git repo for FreeCAD.

    This branch now has just the Sketcher icon fixes, plus a few random comment edits.
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