Changesets: FreeCAD

master 40cd060c

2015-07-16 19:29:56


Details Diff
+ replace PYTHON_LIBRARY with correct variable PYTHON_LIBRARIES
Attach Issues:
mod - cMake/UseLibPack10x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack6x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack7x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack8x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack9x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPackCustom.cmake Diff File
mod - src/Base/CMakeLists.txt Diff File

master 0b1da873

2015-07-16 19:06:20


Details Diff
+ eliminate cmake variable QT_DEBUG_LIBRARIES
Attach Issues:
mod - cMake/UseLibPack10x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack6x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack7x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack8x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack9x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPackCustom.cmake Diff File
mod - src/App/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
mod - src/Gui/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
mod - src/Main/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Web/App/CMakeLists.txt Diff File

master 6b3d7b17

2015-07-16 11:13:39


Details Diff
+ implement onDelete for Python proxy of view provider
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Gui/ViewProviderPythonFeature.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/ViewProviderPythonFeature.h Diff File

master 359e9a5d

2015-07-16 05:00:00

Abdullah Tahiri

Committer: wmayer Details Diff
Sketcher: New Feature: Symmetric tool


Creates geometry symmetric to the selected one with respect to the last selected point or line.

It does not support the following constraints:

- Angle
- Horiz/vertical distance
- SnellLaw

Horizontal and Vertical (directional) dimensions removed from the the copying process when created
on a single edge (by picking one edge instead of two points), i.e. Constraint involving only one GeoId at "First".
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Sketcher/App/SketchObject.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Sketcher/App/SketchObject.h Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Sketcher/App/SketchObjectPy.xml Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Sketcher/App/SketchObjectPyImp.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Sketcher/Gui/CommandSketcherTools.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Sketcher/Gui/Workbench.cpp Diff File

master a6bb9a5e

2015-07-16 02:34:03

Dan Falck

Committer: yorik Details Diff
added CMakeLists for libarea
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Path/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/libarea/CMakeLists.txt Diff File

master afd2f27b

2015-07-16 01:31:23

Dan Falck

Committer: yorik Details Diff
somehow I forgot to add this earlier
Attach Issues:
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/clipper.hpp Diff File

master 0d5aee2f

2015-07-16 01:26:29

Dan Falck

Committer: yorik Details Diff
removed dxf related files and code that used them
Attach Issues:
rm - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaDxf.cpp Diff File
rm - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaDxf.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/libarea/PythonStuff.cpp Diff File
rm - src/Mod/Path/libarea/dxf.cpp Diff File
rm - src/Mod/Path/libarea/dxf.h Diff File

master 3241b1ec

2015-07-15 19:10:23


Details Diff
+ Support preference pages for Python widget class
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Gui/ApplicationPy.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/WidgetFactory.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/WidgetFactory.h Diff File

master 62c6a61b

2015-07-15 08:33:31


Details Diff
+ fix cmake variables related to debug/release libraries of Qt
Attach Issues:
mod - cMake/UseLibPack10x.cmake Diff File
mod - cMake/UseLibPack9x.cmake Diff File

master ea0cc96c

2015-07-15 06:27:42

Przemo Firszt

Details Diff
3rdParty: Remove boost-numeric, ANN and atlas

Signed-off-by: Przemo Firszt <>
Attach Issues:
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/Copyright.txt Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/License.txt Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/MS_Win32/Ann.sln Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/MS_Win32/Makefile Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/MS_Win32/ann2fig/ann2fig.vcproj.7.10.old Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/MS_Win32/dll/dll.vcproj.7.10.old Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/MS_Win32/sample/sample.vcproj.7.10.old Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/MS_Win32/test/test.vcproj.7.10.old Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/Make-config Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/ReadMe.txt Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/ann2fig/Makefile Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/ann2fig/ann2fig.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/doc/ANNmanual.pdf Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/include/ANN/ANN.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/include/ANN/ANNperf.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/include/ANN/ANNx.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/sample/Makefile Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/sample/ann_sample.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/sample/data.pts Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/sample/query.pts Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/sample/ Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/ANN.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/CMakeLists.txt Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/bd_fix_rad_search.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/bd_pr_search.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/bd_search.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/bd_tree.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/bd_tree.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/brute.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_dump.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_fix_rad_search.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_fix_rad_search.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_pr_search.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_pr_search.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_search.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_search.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_split.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_split.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_tree.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_tree.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_util.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/kd_util.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/perf.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/pr_queue.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/src/pr_queue_k.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/Makefile Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/ann_test.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/rand.cpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/rand.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/test1-data.pts Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/test1-query.pts Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/ Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/ Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/test2-data.pts Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/test2-query.pts Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/ Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/ANN/test/ Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/atlas/cblas.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/atlas/clapack.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/LICENSE_1_0.txt Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/amos/amos.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/amos/amos.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/amos/amos_names.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/amos/amos_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas1.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas1_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas2.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas2_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas3.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas3_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas_enum.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/cblas_inc.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/clapack.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/clapack_inc.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/atlas/clapack_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas1.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas1_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas2.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas2_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas3.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas3_overloads.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/blas/blas_names.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/gees.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/geev.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/geqrf.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/gesdd.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/gesv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/gesvd.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/hbev.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/hbevx.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/heev.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/heevd.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/heevx.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/hesv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/hpsv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/hseqr.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/ilaenv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/lapack.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/lapack.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/lapack_names.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/orgqr.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/ormqr.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/posv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/ppsv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/spsv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/steqr.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/syev.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/syevd.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/syevx.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/sysv.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/sytrd.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/trevc.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/trexc.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/workspace.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/algorithm.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/boost_array.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/c_array.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/config.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/detail/array.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/detail/array_impl.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/detail/generate_const.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/detail/symm_herm_traits.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/detail/ublas_ordering.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/detail/ublas_uplo.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/detail/utils.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/fortran.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/matrix_raw.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/matrix_traits.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/sparse_traits.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/std_valarray.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/std_vector.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/symm_herm_raw.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/tnt.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/traits.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/transpose.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/type.h Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/type.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/type_traits.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_banded.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_hermitian.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_matrix.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_sparse.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_symmetric.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_vector.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_vector2.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/vector_raw.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/traits/vector_traits.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/umfpack/umfpack.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/umfpack/umfpack_inc.hpp Diff File
rm - src/3rdParty/boost/numeric/bindings/umfpack/umfpack_overloads.hpp Diff File

master 945638c4

2015-07-14 14:12:46


Details Diff
Path: Fix a further warning
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/ViewProviderPath.cpp Diff File

master e6621ea7

2015-07-14 14:05:39


Details Diff
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Path/App/Command.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/App/Command.h Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/App/TooltablePyImp.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/DlgProcessorChooser.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/DlgSettingsPathColor.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/ViewProviderPath.cpp Diff File

master 3a00aa59

2015-07-14 14:05:12


Details Diff
+ fix wrong vertical size policy of task groups
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Gui/TaskView/TaskView.cpp Diff File

master 9b476e14

2015-07-14 12:23:40

Yorik van Havre

Details Diff
Path: Several fixes suggested by wmayer
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Path/App/Command.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/App/Command.h Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/App/TooltablePyImp.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/DlgProcessorChooser.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/DlgSettingsPathColor.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/ViewProviderPath.cpp Diff File

master 44ae0d7a

2015-07-14 12:02:38


Details Diff
+ fix mesh smoothing panel
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Mesh/Gui/Selection.ui Diff File

master 2ce0fac0

2015-07-14 11:27:49


Details Diff
+ set a minimalistic style sheet on task panel
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Gui/QSint/actionpanel/freecadscheme.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/QSint/actionpanel/freecadscheme.h Diff File

master 5273c47c

2015-07-14 09:22:00


Details Diff
+ fix layouting problem due to bad implementation of minimumSizeHint() in ActionPanel and ActionGroup
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Gui/TaskView/TaskView.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/TaskView/TaskView.h Diff File

master a3697916

2015-07-12 18:59:26


Details Diff
+ issue 0002053: Support of themes Affected Issues
mod - src/Gui/DlgCommandsImp.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/DlgKeyboardImp.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/DlgToolbarsImp.cpp Diff File

master a5619f3b

2015-07-12 18:12:05


Details Diff
+ issue 0002053: Support of themes Affected Issues
mod - src/Gui/Application.cpp Diff File

master f7644fc9

2015-07-12 17:54:56


Details Diff
+ issue 0002053: Support of themes Affected Issues
mod - src/Gui/ApplicationPy.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/DlgMacroExecuteImp.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/Icons/index.theme Diff File
mod - src/Gui/Icons/resource.qrc Diff File
mod - src/Gui/MainWindow.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/PythonDebugger.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/PythonEditor.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/ReportView.cpp Diff File
mod - src/Gui/SelectionView.cpp Diff File

master 797a6f1d

2015-07-11 17:09:01

Dan Falck

Committer: yorik Details Diff
initial add of libarea files
Attach Issues:
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Arc.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Arc.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Area.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Area.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaClipper.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaDxf.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaDxf.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaOrderer.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaOrderer.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/AreaPocket.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Box2D.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Circle.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Circle.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Curve.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Curve.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/Point.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/PythonStuff.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/PythonStuff.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/clipper.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/dxf.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/dxf.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/Construction.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/Finite.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/License.txt Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/Matrix.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/README Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/geometry.h Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/kurve.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/offset.cpp Diff File
add - src/Mod/Path/libarea/kurve/ Diff File

master 4d2e8179

2015-07-11 13:55:51


Committer: wmayer Details Diff
[PATCH] Fix dependency on QtCored4 and icons
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Path/App/CMakeLists.txt Diff File

master fbc6ed5c

2015-07-09 07:49:52

Abdullah Tahiri

Committer: wmayer Details Diff
Sketcher: Bug fix: Wrong solver information upon failed solve


...I already have a minor bug, if you insert a conflicting dimensional constraint,
the solver information is not updated, the work-around is to hit "Manual Update".
Attach Issues:
mod - src/Mod/Sketcher/Gui/ViewProviderSketch.cpp Diff File

master b52ab253

2015-07-08 15:20:17


Committer: wmayer Details Diff
+ by default disable bundled pivy and enable use of FreeType on all OS
Attach Issues:
mod - CMakeLists.txt Diff File

master 6c32edfb

2015-07-03 23:48:22


Details Diff
Fixed screenshot URL in Gnome appdata file - fixes 0002179 Affected Issues
mod - package/debian/freecad.appdata.xml Diff File
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