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0004244: [Bug] Std_SetAppearance always appears on a corner of the secondary monitor (wmayer)
0004146: [Bug] Draft->SelectPlane fails when selecting shape face (yorik)
0004153: [Bug] "Not authorized to open this file" in Draft Preferences on Windows (wandererfan)
0004187: [Bug] Dwire editing breaks when Esc-ing out of edit session (carlopav)
0004162: [Feature] Draft Feature: change pointer 'Pick Radius' based on if the user is editing or selecting (carlopav)
0003537: [Bug] [macOS] Draft Edit mode not working (HiDPi issue) (yorik)
0003873: [Bug] missing tooltips in the Draft preferences (uwestoehr)
0003980: [Bug] Expression in Draft:Scale tool is ignored / crashes FC (yorik)
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