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0004169: [Bug] DatumPoint at the intersection of a DatumPlane and DatumPoint not working correctly (wmayer)
0003921: [Bug] Crash when opening document with datum point intersecting line and plane (wmayer)
0004018: [Bug] Proximity point attachment between plane and line does not work (wmayer)
0003968: [Bug] moving features in Part Design can delete tip (uwestoehr)
0004207: [Bug] Loft between two simple sketches freezes the software
0003967: [Bug] Datum plane yaw setting is ignored (uwestoehr)
0004422: [Bug] PartDesign value input does not accept trailing slash (wmayer)
0004367: [Bug] Thread size out of range using hole-feature (wmayer)
0003093: [Bug] Polar Array Issue (abdullah)
0004361: [Bug] Feature Regression: selecting sketch base from task view does not highlight base in 3D view (wmayer)
0001204: [Feature] Chamfer distance x distance and distance x angle (abdullah)
0004254: [Bug] Crash when canceling duplicate sketch in PartDesign (wmayer)
0004286: [Bug] PartDesign hole: angle of the tapered hole does not match the tapered angle specified (wmayer)
0004106: [Bug] Impossible to assign reference values to Yaw, Pitch and Roll angles. (wmayer)
0001650: [Feature] Fillets/chamfers and such are not multiplied using a pattern tool (realthunder)
0004225: [Bug] FreeCAD crash when making draft in PartDesign (wmayer)
0003836: [Feature] missing info that datum planes use their own coordinate system (uwestoehr)
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