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0004295: [Bug] Point on B-Spline is allowed for automatic constraint creation and produces invalid constraint (abdullah)
0004272: [Bug] Sketcher object selection detection is flickering (abdullah)
0003842: [Bug] undo of move operation results in new state (abdullah)
0004054: [Bug] lengths in reference mode length are treated redundant (abdullah)
0004105: [Bug] Automated changing of coincidence+line/line tangency with auto remove redundants can remove the wrong constraints (abdullah)
0003952: [Bug] Sketcher grid spacing isn't kept (openBrain)
0004058: [Bug] wrong indication of autoconstraint status in task dialog and View tab (openBrain)
0004055: [Bug] wrong default value for grid size (openBrain)
0003831: [Bug] Coincidence marks the center as being coincident with an external geometry point (abdullah)
0004051: [Bug] Hang FC and Linux edit a sketch with edge farrrrr from Origin (abdullah)
0003659: [Bug] Tangent constraint shows no effect in 3D view (abdullah)
0003793: [Feature] Naming reference constraints on doubleclick (wmayer)
0003978: [Bug] unchanged reference dimensions lose reference mode (wmayer)
0003957: [Bug] Cursor color in "Constraint creation continue mode" does not respect color setting.
0004087: [Bug] [Crash FC & Function Bug] - Part:FeatureGeometrySet (abdullah)
0004188: [Bug] Editing a subtractive box in PartDesign doesn't show the shaded box (wmayer)
0004052: [Bug] missing tooltips in the Sketcher preferences (uwestoehr)
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