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0004500: [Bug] FreeCAD segfaults when changing focus (mlampert)
0004026: [Bug] Crash when union object
0004497: [Bug] Render error
0004473: [Feature] Translation of all openCommand() (Kunda1)
0003851: [Bug] missing material card name in material editor dialog (uwestoehr)
0004043: [Bug] Shape.exportStl locks FreeCAD (abdullah)
0004453: [Bug] Error triggered when trying to clear the property by the property editor and Link dialog (wmayer)
0004407: [Bug] Documentation: Problem Part.Wire (yorik)
0003945: [Bug] UI: Can't move Preferences window under POP!_OS 19.04 (Ubuntu 19.04 based)
0004296: [Bug] crash in sketcher when deleting external reference on broken sketch
0004455: [Feature] spacemouse 3d mouse mapping axis to different axis (wmayer)
0004000: [Feature] Ability to suppress console output when running under python (wmayer)
0004437: [Bug] Appearance dialog window placement is wrong in multi display setup
0004147: [Feature] 'Pick Radius' option in unintuitive location within preferences (Display > General > Color); should be moved (wmayer)
0004441: [Bug] Changing Placement of a App::Part that contains a Part::FeaturePython causes drawing of a ghost object at original Placement (wmayer)
0004429: [Bug] Spreadsheet: Bug when inserting a row into spreadsheet (wmayer)
0004426: [Patch] Patch to add MinLength and MaxLenght to the Netgen options in the Python API (wmayer)
0004432: [Bug] Cutting array of cylinders into cube fails (realthunder)
0004229: [Bug] Compilation fails with PySide2 5.14: PYSIDE2RCCBINARY missing
0004396: [Bug] FreeCAD Crashes when trying to edit an empty perameter.
0004372: [Bug] Regression: SpaceBall model rotation stops when focus leaves 3D view panel
0004318: [Patch] Compilation fails with QT 5.15 beta with QPainterPath errors (wmayer)
0004209: [Bug] Crash of FreeCAD 0.19 on undo (abdullah)
0004316: [Bug] PartWB, "Reverse shapes" command reset position (wmayer)
0004309: [Bug] The behavior of the Std_DrawStyle command is inconsistent when there are multiple 3D views for the active document. (wmayer)
0004310: [Bug] Std_FreezeViews command: The settings of frozen views resulting from loading a *.cam file will not be saved in a new *.cam file. (wmayer)
0004330: [Bug] The Std_WhatsThis command does not work for 2 submenus of the View menu. (wmayer)
0003871: [Bug] Cannot close start page by clicking on the close icon
0004130: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.19.x doesn't 'remember' stylesheet that was set in previous session (triplus)
0004281: [Bug] Close Documant Recovery (wmayer)
0004287: [Feature] Alias field next to contents
0004290: [Patch] SketcherWB, remove menu command "Creates a hexagonal profile" (openBrain)
0004224: [Bug] crash with App::Link (realthunder)
0004276: [Bug] Loading a project takes much more time compared to previous versions (wmayer)
0004259: [Bug] 0.19-19405 frezees computer on startup and consumes all memory (triplus)
0000995: [Feature] Python3 compatibility (Ongoing) (yorik)
0004195: [Bug] Python 3.8 Compatibility incl. Shiboken/Pyside (was: Unable to use addon manager) (wmayer)
0004059: [Bug] Tooltips for Gui::QuantitySpinBox not showing (wmayer)
0003964: [Bug] Wrong geometry when cloning part containing array
0001893: [Bug] 3D mouse rotation issue (Kunda1)
0004131: [Bug] Import spreadsheet into TechDraw, looses properties (wandererfan)
0004164: [Bug] Crash when opening a document using "Recent files" without creating a new document before (wmayer)
0004158: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when deleting spline (wmayer)
0004140: [Bug] Crash on select-all (Ctrl+A) in model tree (realthunder)
0004190: [Bug] FreeCAD fail to build with OCE (community eddition) AKA support older OCC versions (wmayer)
0004143: [Bug] Build error on Fedora with Python 3.8 (wmayer)
0004136: [Bug] Crash in Addons manager Workbenches tab (yorik)
0004132: [Patch] Patch fedora.spec to get FreeCAD packages building again (pfirszt)
0004103: [Bug] Black screen when using rubberband selection (wmayer)
0004125: [Bug] MDIViews not accessible corerctly (wmayer)
0003912: [Bug] freecad 0.18 fails to build against Python3 and Qt5
0003936: [General] When property (combo view) data is modified the enter key does not work correctly.
0004088: [Bug] Visibility of origin feature of Part container changes when undocking the 3d view (wmayer)
0003130: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.17 Qt5 bugs with external display (wmayer)
0003986: [Bug] Changing view attributes does not trigger "File changed" status (wmayer)
0004062: [Bug] Incorrect behavior with Euler angles in Placement dialog (wmayer)
0004063: [Feature] Tab with FCMacro show full path
0003841: [Feature] Mesh WB: missing feature to specify preferred default settings for mesh creation (wmayer)
0003648: [Feature] Allow the user to manually move the tabs in the main window (triplus)
0002973: [Bug] Path to can't contain unicode (in Python2 based install) (chrisb)
0003979: [Bug] Pocket with mode "up to face" doesn't work correctly (wmayer)
0003969: [Bug] OSX: Spaces in path to FreeCAD program not supported (chrisb)
0003962: [Bug] Mesh section with plane uses wrong rotation when mesh is previously rotated (wmayer)
0002495: [Feature] Add tool to Image Workbench to easily scale images. (chrisb)
0003774: [Merge request] Support of QtWebEngine as alternative to QtWebkit
0003884: [Patch] Add information about desktop environment in FC info
0003861: [Bug] Sketch change plane when changing Attachment Offset (UI quirk) (wmayer)
0002868: [General] Port QtWebKit to QtWebEngine
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Not Yet Released
0004298: [Feature] Feature request: Preserve current value of property when converting to expression (wmayer)
0003271: [General] Relative file references give 'Document not found' unless that file is opened first (realthunder)
0004191: [Bug] Freecad 0.19pre crashes in spreadsheet (wmayer)
0004015: [Bug] Expression "jumps" to new object when created (wmayer)
0004197: [Bug] Crash on Recompute With Expression as PropertyString Value (realthunder)
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Not Yet Released
0004389: [Bug] Results pipeline is not automatically updated (berndhahnebach)
0003852: [Bug] generic VTK warning about deprecated feature (looo)
0004027: [Bug] Material settings can not be edited in FEM workbench (Kunda1)
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Not Yet Released
0003857: [Feature] Helix is not editable via its task dialog (uwestoehr)
0004456: [Bug] Regression : Part.Plane.Intersect do not accept plane as argument (wmayer)
0004117: [Bug] Crash during extrusion (wmayer)
0004277: [Bug] Result of Part:Cut operation is distorted. (chrisb)
0004230: [Bug] 2nd edit of Chamfer @ Part-WB crashes, while 1st edit reports "Illegal storage access!" in the ReportView
0003950: [General] when you change sphere settings in part it doesn't refresh when pressing enter
0003890: [Bug] missing tooltips in the Part preferences
0004010: [Bug] Box Selection + Part -> MakeCompound will crash FreeCAD (wmayer)
0003885: [Bug] Part WB: Copy/paste error in preferences tooltips
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0004463: [Feature] LeadIn/Out Dressup needs a task panel (schildkroet)
0004479: [Bug] Job: Spindle Speed not saved (sliptonic)
0003542: [Bug] Clean up import/export UI (sliptonic)
0002812: [Feature] Dressup to remap gcode based on probe data. (sliptonic)
0004028: [Bug] create tool in Path workbench, parameters not accepted (dubstar_04)
0003675: [Bug] Pocket operation fails to reach correct depth
0004199: [Bug] Path.Length reports wrong length (mlampert)
0004219: [Bug] PathPocket extensions not created correctly (mlampert)
0004022: [Bug] Tool library "New Tool" (dubstar_04)
0003982: [Bug] base object jumps out of position while trying to create a pocket operation (russ4262)
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Not Yet Released
0002438: [Feature] raytracing WB: adding support for multi-color object (fused in a single part) (howetuft)
0001298: [Feature] Multi-Color Support For Single Part in Raytracing Workbench (howetuft)
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Not Yet Released
0004340: [Bug] Cannot add text to dims when in inches. (wandererfan)
0003004: [Feature] TechDraw - "non-Vertex" Dimensions (wandererfan)
0004266: [Bug] crash on selecting TD element in tree when page not shown (wandererfan)
0003604: [Feature] Dimension drawings are exported into DXF wrongly (wandererfan)
0004170: [Bug] TechDraw: Unicode Character Problem in SVG Export (wandererfan)
0004213: [Bug] No dimension text in tech draw (wandererfan)
0004198: [Bug] Deleting a subsection's figure while creating the subsection causes a crash (wandererfan)
0004069: [Bug] TechDraw/View/Lines: Enable entry and display of values in the users chosen unit system (wandererfan)
0004214: [Bug] Detail view of section in tech draw the "Y" is inverted (wandererfan)
0003944: [Bug] faulty TechDraw drawing does not display and deleting it crashes FreeCAD (wandererfan)
0003573: [Feature] TechDraw - Hide individual lines in the drawing (wandererfan)
0003574: [Feature] TechDraw: Highlight individual lines (wandererfan)
0003965: [Bug] Frame/Vertex Toggle Doesn't Alway Work (wandererfan)
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