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0004233: [Bug] Access violation and file corruption on undo duplicate sketch (wmayer)
0003256: [Bug] additive elements do not use color of Body (wmayer)
0002725: [Feature] Random color for features in PartDesignNext (wmayer)
0003524: [Bug] The PartDesign hole feature should respect the "Reverse" property and provide a checkbox in the panel (wmayer)
0003061: [Bug] "Move object after other object" function causes chaos (abdullah)
0003701: [Bug] Segfault when creating horizontal constraint (abdullah)
0003845: [Bug] unwanted rounding for dimensions of subtractive shapes in task dialog (wmayer)
0003832: [Bug] Editing thickness in Part or PartDesign resets join type to always being Arc (wmayer)
0003837: [Bug] missing tooltip in STEP preferences dialog (wmayer)
0003776: [Bug] PartDesign Hole parameters Diameter field is not unit aware (wmayer)
0003700: [Bug] Tree object deletion possible with keyboard but not right-click menu in Part Design (kkremitzki)
0003482: [Bug] Segfault when adding Fillet (chrisb)
0003652: [Bug] Missing little expression icon (wmayer)
0003724: [Bug] Additive/Subtractive Loft & Pipe do not show Tip symbol in the tree (abdullah)
0003627: [Bug] Hole fails to restore from file (wmayer)
0003662: [Bug] Not able to attach a sketch to a face or edge with any mode (DeepSOIC)
0002227: [Bug] Fillet silently fails on face with too many edges (abdullah)
0003621: [Bug] Additive and subtractive loft preview not showing during creation (wmayer)
0003509: [Bug] Create MultiTransform Feature from existing Transform Feature forces document migration (wmayer)
0003611: [Bug] Linear pattern: "Select reference" does near to nothing (wmayer)
0003148: [Bug] PartDesign does not allow colouring of single faces for non-primitives (wmayer)
0003380: [Bug] Involute gear should be created inside of Body and respect Attachment (wmayer)
0003447: [Bug] False PartDesign migration request (wmayer)
0003582: [Bug] ShapeBinder did not show correctly. (wmayer)
0003540: [Bug] Body invisible after deleting Part container (wmayer)
0003597: [Bug] PartDesign Additive and Subtractive Loft features don't allow changing the first section after creation (wmayer)
0003598: [Feature] The sections of a multi-section sweep cannot be edited in PartDesign (wmayer)
0003599: [Bug] PartDesign Additive and Subtractive Pipe features don't allow changing sections after creation (wmayer)
0003439: [Bug] Using Inertial CS when attaching something to datum plane gives infinite placement (DeepSOIC)
0003488: [Feature] Primitive elements and Booleans in PartDesign should have a refine property (DeepSOIC)
0003329: [Bug] STL export ignores Part placement (wandererfan)
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