Released 2018-04-06
0002503: [Bug] Invisible pad object (ickby)
0002511: [Bug] Failing adding xy-datum-plane in example-cylinder (abdullah)
0002683: [Feature] Add Refine shape feature to PartDesign (DeepSOIC)
0002705: [Bug] Changing pocket from "Through all" to "Dimension" causes further sketch based features to malfunction.
0000848: [Feature] [PartDesign] Keep Transparency and Colors when adding a feature (abdullah)
0002998: [Bug] Sketch with 2 shapes (rings) wont pad - Broken face (wandererfan)
0001601: [Bug] Pad fails on 'non-one-solid' element (wandererfan)
0001707: [Bug] PartDesign - Inconsistent handling of multiple pieces (wandererfan)
0003401: [Bug] Sketch goes to pad and the pad vanishes without explaination, please add warning message (wandererfan)
0002862: [Bug] Check for shape type before using selection as base feature (wmayer)
0002982: [Bug] New sketch on face impossible (abdullah)
0003080: [Bug] FreeCAD claims selected geometry is not part of active body (ickby)
0003122: [Bug] FC 0.17 crashes when a sketched located outside a body object (wmayer)
0003541: [Bug] Hole feature does not work correct if sketch is not parallel to main planes (eivindkvedalen)
0002758: [Bug] Datum point moves to (0,0,0) when reopening the file. (DeepSOIC)
0003376: [Bug] PartDesign Boolean produces exception with wrong selection of active Body (wmayer)
0002309: [Bug] PartDesign Fillet fail without warning when too many faces are selected (wmayer)
0003325: [Bug] Tip changes unexpectedly and cannot be restored (abdullah)
0003302: [Bug] PDN cloned object have duplicated "Unnamed" ghost on every file reopen (wmayer)
0003150: [Bug] App::Part: Delete and undo bugs (ickby)
0002559: [Bug] Body becomes visible upon changing DisplayModeBody (ickby)
0003084: [Bug] PDN: Deleting features in the middle of the tree fails to update next features dependency (inlist) (abdullah)
0003312: [Bug] Tip gets lost in Part Design body (abdullah)
0003317: [Bug] PDN: bug in "Mirrored Feature" with multiple features (abdullah)
0002915: [Feature] Add 2 dimensions to Pad/Pocket (abdullah)
0002857: [Bug] Placement incorrect in exported files
0003141: [Bug] Unexpected behaviour using pad to face on padded shape binder (wmayer)
0003095: [Bug] Manual migration from 0.16 models to 0.17 models not possible
0002507: [Bug] Migration of 0.16 files fail (ickby)
0003185: [Feature] Recompute should work if only subgraph is cyclic (ickby)
0003159: [Bug] Shape Binder becoming part of soild (wmayer)
0003202: [Bug] Part2DFeatures should be usable in Body and not create BaseFeature (ickby)
0002572: [Bug] placement of boolean base propagates to secondary body (ickby)
0003212: [Bug] Crash after choosing create edge link tool (wmayer)
0003188: [Bug] FreeCAD freezes when deleting PD boolean (ickby)
0002493: [Bug] [0.16] crash when adding slot (wmayer)
0003179: [General] PDN + AdditiveBox + MultiTransform (with LinearPattern) (wmayer)
0003201: [Bug] Cross-linking of sketch visibility (wmayer)
0003146: [Bug] Crash in PartDesign Sweep
0002642: [Bug] Can't open saved file (undiscovered bug/s from PDN?)
0003189: [Bug] Recompute fails after delete of object (ickby)
0003187: [Bug] PArtDesign test cases with GUI up fail due to dialog interaction (ickby)
0003192: [Bug] Recompute fails (ickby)
0003184: [Bug] PDN boolean fails to display result (ickby)
0003161: [Bug] Shape Binder not at expected place (ickby)
0003078: [Bug] Removing object from GeoFeatureGroup removes it from view (ickby)
0002517: [Bug] Some oddities with shape binder (ickby)
0002567: [Bug] Cyclic dependency of containers leads to crash (ickby)
0003175: [Bug] inability to link datum line to vertex in correct normal orientation (DeepSOIC)
0003062: [Bug] Crash after referencing external geometry in PartDesign (abdullah)
0002992: [Bug] SEGV related to chamfering?
0003132: [Bug] Bug? Crash when moving sketch to different body (wmayer)
0002234: [Bug] Cannot create edge linked to external geometry if it's sweeped (abdullah)
0002561: [Bug] SIGSEGV while moving an entity from a body to an other one (wmayer)
0002601: [Bug] Changing object Placement params do not update it on view
0002156: [Bug] Sketcher Visualization fails to represent sketch properly (abdullah)
0002741: [Bug] Crashes when drawing tutorial
0002796: [Bug] nested hierarchy of parts generate copies in view (ickby)
0002835: [Bug] Drag & Drop Body into Part scrambles the order of elements (ickby)
0003006: [Bug] PartDesign Mirrored features fail due to unexpected inversion (kkremitzki)
0002679: [Bug] Boolean operations in Part workbench give strange results
0003066: [Bug] Draft clone fails with "name 'Draft' is not defined" if used first time in Draft workbench (yorik)
0002157: [Bug] Pad results in a triangle instead of a trapezoid
0002334: [Feature] Parallelizing BOPs
0002072: [Bug] Polar pattern of slot pocketed from curved faces fails for certain number of occurrences (kkremitzki)
0001936: [Bug] Part Design Pad Fails with Circle In Square When Circle Is Close To Edge Of Square.
0001511: [Feature] Reintroduce PolarPatterning / MultiTransform, etc. About X, Y, and Z Axes
0002028: [Bug] Polar Pattern feature leaves faces missing (kkremitzki)
0002246: [Bug] Polar pattern of overlapping pocket feature produces several solids (negatives of the pocket) (kkremitzki)
0002682: [Bug] constraint to external datum plane disappear after saving a file, or re-opening a sketch (jnxd)
0002808: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when using the multitransform tool outside of body (yorik)
0002501: [Bug] Mirror feature don't accept datum plane (ickby)
0002941: [Feature] Part Design NEXT Polar array does not allow to select a datum line as reference (DeepSOIC)
0002859: [Bug] unable to use datum plane as external reference (DeepSOIC)
0002504: [Bug] Crash in pad function after undoing some operations (ickby)
0001203: [Feature] Allow User to Adjust Size of Constraint Points (abdullah)
0002816: [Bug] Trimming tool crashes (wmayer)
0001649: [Bug] Chaning names on Pads does not change them everywere
0002687: [Bug] zoomin/out during transform
0002843: [Bug] crash on loading file (wandererfan)
0002514: [Bug] Links between sketches are not allowed within one part and between parts when sketch is not in body (ickby)
0002697: [Bug] Can't create a pad or a pocket on the detail (wmayer)
0002646: [Bug] Spreadsheet-Sum-Function does not work with units (eivindkvedalen)
0002647: [Bug] Spreadsheet stddev does not work with arrays (eivindkvedalen)
0002662: [Bug] Creating a shape binder with a selected datum element crashes FreeCAD (ickby)
0002803: [Bug] super placement
0002757: [Bug] sketch editing not visible when it is in a part (wmayer)
0002711: [Bug] TAB key switches between Additive Cylinder creation parameters in reverse order
0002582: [Bug] Polar array axis selectiion fails (wmayer)
0002702: [Bug] Default cylinder angle 10° (wmayer)
0002533: [Bug] Loft works even with no active body (ickby)
0002537: [Bug] Can't create pocket from sketch with multiple geometries. (ickby)
0002512: [Bug] Pad/Pocket does not work with independent figures in sketch (new Partdesign) (ickby)
0000905: [Feature] Ability to create Reference Offset and Angle Planes
0001179: [Feature] Add/Remove edges to fillet
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