Released 2016-04-01
0001518: [Feature] Sketcher - keep geometry tools active until right-click or ESC is hit (abdullah)
0000491: [Feature] Sketcher: Do not recompute dependent objects if in edit mode (abdullah)
0002471: [Bug] In constraint context menu, 'Change Value' is always greyed out (wmayer)
0001226: [Bug] Font rendering in sketcher workbench on Windows 7
0002270: [Bug] Grid size cant be set below 0,2 mm
0000416: [Bug] Sketcher: Slow Solving Peformance when adding unconstrainted arcs to Sketch (abdullah)
0002320: [Bug] SparseQR (Eigen 3.3) compile issue (abdullah)
0002015: [Bug] Crash when setting equal constraint on too many elements. (abdullah)
0002118: [Bug] Units conversion when using "Imperial decimal (in/lb)" (wmayer)
0000870: [Feature] Center sketch to a constraint that has been double clicked in the constraint list. (wmayer)
0002268: [Bug] Segmentation Fault when using sketcher (wmayer)
0002281: [Bug] Tangent and coincident constraint on 2 lines cause issues (abdullah)
0002148: [Feature] Add name input value in edit constraint window
0002292: [Bug] Constraints dissapear after a sketch loses support (abdullah)
0001647: [Bug] Sketcher blocks or hangs when changing a constraint (abdullah)
0000800: [Feature] Formula/Equation Based Constraints (logari81)
0002277: [Bug] Deleting sketcher geometry crashes FreeCAD (abdullah)
0001608: [Bug] Part and cross hairs disappear in Sketch Workbench
0002225: [Bug] Deleting link to external geometry crashes FreeCAD (abdullah)
0000690: [Feature] Add ability to clone and operate on sketch elements as objects (abdullah)
0001329: [Feature] Add copy/paste/duplicate/clone-actions when working on sketches (abdullah)
0002093: [Bug] Additional check for over-constrained sketch (external geometry) (abdullah)
0002236: [Bug] Issue with Insert lenght Dialog box entry field (yorik)
0000851: [Feature] [Sketcher] Symmetry command (abdullah)
0002171: [Bug] Several issues when trying to delete an element of a sketch (abdullah)
0001651: [Feature] Sketcher: Add a measurement tool (abdullah)
0001890: [Feature] Add "non-driving dimensions" capability to the sketcher (abdullah)
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