Released 2015-04-05
0000909: [Bug] Disappearing sketches due to tangency autoconstraint (logari81)
0001717: [Bug] It is hard to move lines with digitizer pen. It is impossible to move points.
0001886: [Bug] Geometry rotation in Sketcher
0000804: [Feature] external geometries in sketch break sketch when they loose their support (logari81)
0001328: [Bug] Ellipses not availible in Sketcher / Crash on adding non-supportet geometry (ellipse) to Sketch (abdullah)
0001297: [Feature] Add support of ellipses to the sketcher (abdullah)
0001828: [Bug] Sketcher slot has broken constraints after creation sometimes (wmayer)
0001623: [Feature] Sketcher - Always Display Symmetry Constraint Symbol Perpendicular to Axis of Symmetry (abdullah)
0001464: [Feature] Feature Request for Easier Way to Find Conflicting Constraints (abdullah)
0001643: [Feature] Sketcher: Button to remove all redundant constraints. (abdullah)
0000930: [Bug] External Geometry: Axes (red & green) hinder selection (logari81)
0000693: [Feature] Sketcher: No GUI to select overlapping lines in sketches
0001640: [Feature] Improve speed when adding profiles to a sketch (wmayer)
0001633: [Feature] Allow adding radius constraints to several circles at once. (wmayer)
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