Released 2014-07-01
0001258: [Feature] Constraint application to all selected objects at once
0000750: [Bug] Endless loop in sketch solver (logari81)
0000462: [Feature] Sketcher: allow box selection
0001490: [Feature] Implement a perimeter circle (3 point circle) similar to solidworks in sketcher (wmayer)
0001475: [Feature] Implement a 3 point arc similar to solidworks in sketcher (wmayer)
0000928: [Bug] Selection inconsistency (logari81)
0000437: [Feature] Sketcher: ask for value immediatly after creating a length constraint
0001016: [Feature] Function to detect unconnected end points of curves in a sketch (wmayer)
0001264: [Feature] add function Sketch.setConstruction() (wmayer)
0001245: [Bug] Wrong grid size shown in task dialog (wmayer)
0001201: [Feature] Highlight coincident constraint in sketch view when clicking on (coincident) constraint in constraints list (wmayer)
0001105: [Feature] disable grid in sketcher (wmayer)
0001175: [Bug] pressing escape in datum editing dialog closes sketch (wmayer)
0000878: [Bug] Sketcher: Ctrl-right mouse button moves the sketch, but after releasing the button the right-click menu pops up
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