Released 2014-07-01
0000768: [Bug] Part Sweep and Loft limitations and bugs (wmayer)
0001205: [Feature] Transformation of multiple features with one tool (jrheinlaender)
0001263: [Feature] Allow On-The-Fly Constraints for Measure Distance Tool (normandc)
0001115: [Bug] Can't intuitively change value of a distance constraint (jmaustpc)
0000988: [Bug] Groove fails to create a valid solid (jrheinlaender)
0001412: [Bug] Extrunding sketch doesn't make a solid (wmayer)
0001344: [Bug] Freecad crashes when i make a sketch on a face (wmayer)
0001390: [Bug] Can't modify or edit an sketch at a Face (wmayer)
0001202: [Feature] Automatically Check and Refine Model After Padding a Sketch Which is Already on an Existing Face
0001113: [Bug] Copy&Paste sometimes doesn't work properly
0001116: [Bug] "Save as" to a file with a dot in the name will show the name only up to the dot (wmayer)
0001110: [Bug] Decimal point entry in LinearPattern length field (wmayer)
0000735: [Feature] Feature request for better Fillet/Chamfer (wmayer)
0000968: [Bug] editing fillet size causes crash
0000725: [Bug] Chamfer fails on some edges
0001111: [Bug] Deleting sketch after padding was done crashes the program
0001057: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes on Transform (yorik)
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