Released 2013-01-28
0000675: [Feature] Add Draft Angle to a surface (Jriegel)
0000937: [Bug] Pocket has a negative cut out
0000874: [Bug] Linear Pattern does not reference X,Y,Z correctly if part was made from the XZ, or YZ planes (Jriegel)
0000906: [Bug] Segmentation Fault when try to use linear pattern on Part
0000886: [Feature] GUI for make thickness command (wmayer)
0000745: [Bug] Groove often fails or does unexpected things
       0000748: [Bug] reverse revolve from a sketch mapped to face of Part box and a solid from PartDesign Groove inconsistency
       0000747: [Bug] Groove tool in PartDesign WB reverts to producing a solid revolve
       0000746: [Bug] Groove tool in PartDesign WB can't be moved nor can its sketch
0000880: [Bug] DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found
0000766: [Bug] Pad and Pocket fail to extrude up to a face if that is smaller than the sketch being extruded
0000694: [Patch] Implementation of MirroredExtent for Pad Feature (Jriegel)
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