Released 2013-01-28
0002371: [Feature] One expects zoom to zoom where the mouse is (yorik)
0001198: [Feature] Allow using the canonical axes as sketch objects
0000691: [Bug] Sketcher: Symmetry constraint broken for arc endpoints (logari81)
0000464: [Feature] Sketcher: show radial dimension when creating a circle (logari81)
0000600: [Feature] Sketcher: Ability to create a point (logari81)
0000522: [Bug] Sketcher: Solver messages are not translated
0000869: [Bug] Mousepointer does not track to line endpoint in sketches attached to copied or imported sketches.
0000721: [Bug] massive memory leak when dragging an unconstained model
0000808: [Bug] Sketcher: drawing arc over "imported" arc causes assertion failure (logari81)
0000697: Text boxes to set dimension constraints insert a space between thousands and hundreds digits that makes the data invalid.
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