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0004098: [Bug] FreeCAD should not exit if unable to rename backup file to project file while exiting (wmayer)
0004732: [Bug] Mesh repair: self-intersection: co-planar: self-intersection is not detected when intersecting triangles are on the same plane (jnxd)
0004543: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when OCC fails with fillets and chamfers (chennes)
0004291: [Bug] Freecad crashes when creating filet (chennes)
0004078: [Bug] Crash when applying a fillet on a arc. (chennes)
0004076: [Bug] Freecad crashes when using Part Design Chamfer tool on a feature. (chennes)
0003310: [Bug] Application crash when adding a fillet on an edge (SIGSEGV) (Target OCC7.5) (chennes)
0004733: [Feature] Add the ability to test the translation from Crowdin in the FreeCAD interface on Windows OS (chennes)
0004536: [Bug] Export file - name (chennes)
0004072: [Bug] Addon manager python exception and lockup (module 'git' has no attribute 'Repo') (yorik)
0004622: [Bug] OpenSCAD/OpenSCADTest/app/ assertion failure (chennes)
0004353: [Bug] parameters of rotate_extrude in CSG files and openscad workbench are ignored (chennes)
0004599: [Bug] Build 24276 0.19 Release breaks Stylesheet theming Comboview Proprerty QTabBar theming on Windows (chennes)
0004565: [Bug] Status bar text runs under Navigation Button (wmayer)
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0003954: [Bug] 2D Offset crashes with particular model (chennes)
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0004704: [Bug] [Path] Arrays are not included in the Path Simulation (russ4262)
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