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0004510: [Feature] Do not transfer Equal constraints to remaining edges after a trimming operation (abdullah)
0004493: [Bug] InsertDatum.ui dialog height too small (wmayer)
0004478: [Bug] Active constraint tool blocks sidebar tasks from working (abdullah)
0004399: [Bug] sketcher behavior generating a lock constraint in reference mode (abdullah)
0004444: [Feature] Make vertical/horizontal constraintsin "Constraint creation continue mode" aware of points (openBrain)
0004384: [Bug] Formula editor not active window when invoked (wmayer)
0004324: [Bug] In expression editor in the sketcher the tooltip hides the input field. (abdullah)
0003831: [Bug] Coincidence marks the center as being coincident with an external geometry point (abdullah)
0003842: [Bug] undo of move operation results in new state (abdullah)
0003952: [Bug] Sketcher grid spacing isn't kept (openBrain)
0004054: [Bug] lengths in reference mode length are treated redundant (abdullah)
0004055: [Bug] wrong default value for grid size (openBrain)
0004058: [Bug] wrong indication of autoconstraint status in task dialog and View tab (openBrain)
0004105: [Bug] Automated changing of coincidence+line/line tangency with auto remove redundants can remove the wrong constraints (abdullah)
0004272: [Bug] Sketcher object selection detection is flickering (abdullah)
0004295: [Bug] Point on B-Spline is allowed for automatic constraint creation and produces invalid constraint (abdullah)
0004051: [Bug] Hang FC and Linux edit a sketch with edge farrrrr from Origin (abdullah)
0003659: [Bug] Tangent constraint shows no effect in 3D view (abdullah)
0003793: [Feature] Naming reference constraints on doubleclick (wmayer)
0003978: [Bug] unchanged reference dimensions lose reference mode (wmayer)
0003957: [Bug] Cursor color in "Constraint creation continue mode" does not respect color setting.
0004087: [Bug] [Crash FC & Function Bug] - Part:FeatureGeometrySet (abdullah)
0004188: [Bug] Editing a subtractive box in PartDesign doesn't show the shaded box (wmayer)
0004052: [Bug] missing tooltips in the Sketcher preferences (uwestoehr)
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Released 2018-12-31
0000845: [Feature] [Sketcher] Sketcher and Transparent solids (abdullah)
0001632: [Feature] Allow entering of diameter instead of radius for circle radius constraint. (abdullah)
0003752: [Bug] Preferences/Sketcher: Changing Grid size default is not respected upon creation of new Sketches (wmayer)
0003840: [Bug] Sketcher WB: units not completely hidden (wmayer)
0003762: [Bug] DIameter and radius in reference mode are not consistent (abdullah)
0002463: [Bug] Trim tool ignore tangent constraint to arch on circle (abdullah)
0003642: [Bug] Deleting a constraint triggers recompute (abdullah)
0003719: [Feature] Sketch External Geometry - How to identify from which object? (abdullah)
0003727: [Bug] Auto constraints preference dialog doesn't work (abdullah)
0003693: [Feature] Move open vertex routine to SketchAnalysis aka constrainator routines (abdullah)
0003690: [Bug] Total loss of sketch geometry (abdullah)
0003619: [Bug] Multiple constraints on a geometric element cannot be selected in 3D view (abdullah)
0003689: [Bug] Snap to grid checkbox in edit control widget does not update (abdullah)
0003663: [Bug] Fillet failure cases (abdullah)
0001304: [Feature] Allow Sketcher to Fillet Arcs, Not Only Lines (abdullah)
0003433: [Bug] Cannot constrain another b-spline to a b-spline with a block constraint (abdullah)
0003589: [Bug] Fully constrained Sketch becomes overconstrained on deletion of an element (abdullah)
0003334: [Bug] Undo bug in Sketcher (abdullah)
0003532: [Bug] X-axis and Y-axis can be selected to apply equality with arcs, circles and lines (abdullah)
0003311: [Bug] SketchObjectPython - no addGeometry addConstraints setDriving...? (wmayer)
0003503: [Bug] Failure to update solver information on addition of constraint (abdullah)
0003471: [Bug] Issues with B-Spline toolbar when selecting non-spline objects (abdullah)
0003470: [Bug] Sketcher B-Spline Tools menu has wrong items. (abdullah)
0003434: [Bug] Constraining to external geometry allows for an over-constrained sketch that goes undetected until the external geometry changes (abdullah)
0003472: [Feature] Add 90 Degree Arc to Sketcher Polyline Mode (abdullah)
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Released 2018-04-06
0003018: [Bug] Sketcher Arc End Points + Rim Point fails with "NaN" (abdullah)
0002613: [Bug] Create symmetric geometry with conic (abdullah)
0003091: [Bug] Sketcher Polyline Arc: auto point on object constraint gets applied to wrong vertex (abdullah)
0003127: [Feature] Apply tangent constrains while preventing geometry from moving (abdullah)
0002874: [Feature] Allow to show or hide individual constraints in a sketcher (abdullah)
0003299: [Feature] Sketcher should check redundant coincidences used with tangent constraints (abdullah)
0003320: [Bug] Rendering order not working with normal geometry when Sketch is fully constrained (abdullah)
0002275: [Bug] Not able to delete a constraint on point with the given index: (abdullah)
0003306: [Bug] Sketcher Validation tool "highlight open vertex" representation error (abdullah)
0003298: [Bug] Validate sketch tool reports false positives on tangent constraints (abdullah)
0003291: [Bug] Crash when deleting an edge in a nut (abdullah)
0003288: [Bug] Sketch Angle Constraints Wrong Reference Reading (wmayer)
0003252: [Bug] External geometry tool keeps hovered item active after leaving (abdullah)
0001639: [Feature] Support arbitrary regular polygons (abdullah)
0000752: [Bug] sketcher constraint visuals default location and auto constraint visuals are often placed over the top of others (ian.rees)
0002936: [Bug] Merge Sketch Flattens Spreadsheet Functions to Values (abdullah)
0002798: [Bug] Merging two sketches may give an invalid result (abdullah)
0001734: [Bug] Constraints evaluated incorrectly while dragging a point with the mouse (abdullah)
0003217: [Bug] Sketcher not drawing at mouse position (DeepSOIC)
0002997: [Bug] External geometry points make arc ends become NaN (abdullah)
0003257: [Bug] Can't apply vertical constraint - "this edge already has H-constraint" (abdullah)
0003154: [Bug] sketch disappears when inserting polygon with multiple autoconstraints (abdullah)
0002745: [Bug] The Disappearing Grid
0003176: [Bug] Sketcher: always over-constrained when referencing external B-Spline (wmayer)
0003266: [Bug] Bug: Sketcher makes FreeCAD crash as soon as a tool is selected (wmayer)
0002290: [Bug] Point-on-object constraint icon not selectable (wmayer)
0002434: [Feature] merge sketches produces sketch on XY plane when original sketches were on XZ (wmayer)
0003204: [Feature] Improvement of the rectangular selection (SparkyCola)
0001259: [Feature] Anything can be added as external geometry
0002939: [Feature] Sketcher / constrain the length of a line to the length of an arc
0002836: [Bug] Crash in sketcher (wmayer)
0002710: [Bug] Freecad doesn't show sketch elements added when overconstrained (abdullah)
0003009: [Bug] Sketch with conic (ellipse) has error (abdullah)
0002804: [Bug] Mirroring sketches misses some constraints (abdullah)
0002994: [Bug] Validate Sketch's missing coincidence tool finds false positives (wmayer)
0002264: [Bug] Construction lines should be rendered below non-construction lines (abdullah)
0002735: [Bug] Incorrect angle remains on deletion (abdullah)
0002499: [Bug] Crash on cloning operations (sketcher) (abdullah)
0001187: [Feature] Add extend feature to sketch workbench
0003079: [Bug] Auto overconstraint drawing a line on a linked edge (abdullah)
0002995: [Feature] Sketcher horizontal/vertical constraints: implement their use to align points (abdullah)
0002815: [Bug] Default shortcut (shift + d) for "Constrain distance" has conflict
0002891: [Bug] Sketching impossible, Type.Error Exception (wmayer)
0002788: [Bug] Grid is drawn with offset but snaps correctly (wmayer)
0002921: [Bug] Anomalous behavior while panning/zooming etc. (wmayer)
       0002922: [Bug] SoDatumLabel changes text size when panning the 3d view horizontally (wmayer)
0002070: [Feature] Bezier curves - Splines in sketcher (abdullah)
0000940: [Feature] Add new tool function "Spline" on sketcher (wmayer)
0002739: [Bug] Mac users must Command click instead of Ctrl click multiple elements. (wmayer)
0001629: [Feature] Object visibility settings for sketch edit mode
0000466: [Feature] Sketcher: allow moving the dimension datums in two directions (mrlukeparry)
0000753: [Bug] angle constraint auto places the constraints visuals including its value in the wrong place (mrlukeparry)
0001871: [Feature] Sketcher Arc Of Hyperbola and Parabola (abdullah)
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Released 2016-04-01
0001518: [Feature] Sketcher - keep geometry tools active until right-click or ESC is hit (abdullah)
0000491: [Feature] Sketcher: Do not recompute dependent objects if in edit mode (abdullah)
0002471: [Bug] In constraint context menu, 'Change Value' is always greyed out (wmayer)
0001226: [Bug] Font rendering in sketcher workbench on Windows 7
0002270: [Bug] Grid size cant be set below 0,2 mm
0000416: [Bug] Sketcher: Slow Solving Peformance when adding unconstrainted arcs to Sketch (abdullah)
0002320: [Bug] SparseQR (Eigen 3.3) compile issue (abdullah)
0002015: [Bug] Crash when setting equal constraint on too many elements. (abdullah)
0002118: [Bug] Units conversion when using "Imperial decimal (in/lb)" (wmayer)
0000870: [Feature] Center sketch to a constraint that has been double clicked in the constraint list. (wmayer)
0002268: [Bug] Segmentation Fault when using sketcher (wmayer)
0002281: [Bug] Tangent and coincident constraint on 2 lines cause issues (abdullah)
0002148: [Feature] Add name input value in edit constraint window
0002292: [Bug] Constraints dissapear after a sketch loses support (abdullah)
0001647: [Bug] Sketcher blocks or hangs when changing a constraint (abdullah)
0000800: [Feature] Formula/Equation Based Constraints (logari81)
0002277: [Bug] Deleting sketcher geometry crashes FreeCAD (abdullah)
0001608: [Bug] Part and cross hairs disappear in Sketch Workbench
0002225: [Bug] Deleting link to external geometry crashes FreeCAD (abdullah)
0000690: [Feature] Add ability to clone and operate on sketch elements as objects (abdullah)
0001329: [Feature] Add copy/paste/duplicate/clone-actions when working on sketches (abdullah)
0002093: [Bug] Additional check for over-constrained sketch (external geometry) (abdullah)
0002236: [Bug] Issue with Insert lenght Dialog box entry field (yorik)
0000851: [Feature] [Sketcher] Symmetry command (abdullah)
0002171: [Bug] Several issues when trying to delete an element of a sketch (abdullah)
0001651: [Feature] Sketcher: Add a measurement tool (abdullah)
0001890: [Feature] Add "non-driving dimensions" capability to the sketcher (abdullah)
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Released 2015-04-05
0000909: [Bug] Disappearing sketches due to tangency autoconstraint (logari81)
0001717: [Bug] It is hard to move lines with digitizer pen. It is impossible to move points.
0001886: [Bug] Geometry rotation in Sketcher
0000804: [Feature] external geometries in sketch break sketch when they loose their support (logari81)
0001328: [Bug] Ellipses not availible in Sketcher / Crash on adding non-supportet geometry (ellipse) to Sketch (abdullah)
0001297: [Feature] Add support of ellipses to the sketcher (abdullah)
0001828: [Bug] Sketcher slot has broken constraints after creation sometimes (wmayer)
0001623: [Feature] Sketcher - Always Display Symmetry Constraint Symbol Perpendicular to Axis of Symmetry (abdullah)
0001464: [Feature] Feature Request for Easier Way to Find Conflicting Constraints (abdullah)
0001643: [Feature] Sketcher: Button to remove all redundant constraints. (abdullah)
0000930: [Bug] External Geometry: Axes (red & green) hinder selection (logari81)
0000693: [Feature] Sketcher: No GUI to select overlapping lines in sketches
0001640: [Feature] Improve speed when adding profiles to a sketch (wmayer)
0001633: [Feature] Allow adding radius constraints to several circles at once. (wmayer)
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Released 2014-07-01
0001258: [Feature] Constraint application to all selected objects at once
0000750: [Bug] Endless loop in sketch solver (logari81)
0000462: [Feature] Sketcher: allow box selection
0001490: [Feature] Implement a perimeter circle (3 point circle) similar to solidworks in sketcher (wmayer)
0001475: [Feature] Implement a 3 point arc similar to solidworks in sketcher (wmayer)
0000928: [Bug] Selection inconsistency (logari81)
0000437: [Feature] Sketcher: ask for value immediatly after creating a length constraint
0001016: [Feature] Function to detect unconnected end points of curves in a sketch (wmayer)
0001264: [Feature] add function Sketch.setConstruction() (wmayer)
0001245: [Bug] Wrong grid size shown in task dialog (wmayer)
0001201: [Feature] Highlight coincident constraint in sketch view when clicking on (coincident) constraint in constraints list (wmayer)
0001105: [Feature] disable grid in sketcher (wmayer)
0001175: [Bug] pressing escape in datum editing dialog closes sketch (wmayer)
0000878: [Bug] Sketcher: Ctrl-right mouse button moves the sketch, but after releasing the button the right-click menu pops up
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Released 2013-01-28
0002371: [Feature] One expects zoom to zoom where the mouse is (yorik)
0001198: [Feature] Allow using the canonical axes as sketch objects
0000691: [Bug] Sketcher: Symmetry constraint broken for arc endpoints (logari81)
0000464: [Feature] Sketcher: show radial dimension when creating a circle (logari81)
0000600: [Feature] Sketcher: Ability to create a point (logari81)
0000522: [Bug] Sketcher: Solver messages are not translated
0000869: [Bug] Mousepointer does not track to line endpoint in sketches attached to copied or imported sketches.
0000721: [Bug] massive memory leak when dragging an unconstained model
0000808: [Bug] Sketcher: drawing arc over "imported" arc causes assertion failure (logari81)
0000697: Text boxes to set dimension constraints insert a space between thousands and hundreds digits that makes the data invalid.
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Released 2011-01-06
0000427: [Feature] Sketcher: Fix a point onto object constraint does not work on arcs (logari81)
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