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Summary 0004255: Can't select any complete object from the Tree view / 3D view as sweep path
Revision 2020-01-26 18:41 by openBrain
Description Forum thread:

When entering Path selection mode when doing a Part/Sweep, it is impossible to select a complete a complete object (wire, sketch) :
  • Trying to select in the Tree view, the selection is rejected with 'Selection not allowed by filter'
  • Trying to select in the 3D view by clicking twice the same edge, it doesn't work and deselect the edge instead
Moreover, box selection doesn't work in sweep path selection mode, which makes it highly complex/boring to select a path with lot of edges.
Notice this is a regression compared to 0.18
Revision 2020-01-25 07:13 by axkibe
Description Forum thread:
When requested to select a path from "utility to sweep" clicking on a Dwire from the model view results in a not allowed message.

Double clicking the DWire in the model results in an error (0.18 crashes in this reagrd, 0.19 makes and error and messes up the undo/redo queue)