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Summary 0004039: MapSketch tool in PartDesign creates cyclic dependencies by offering Sketches their own axis planes
Revision 2019-06-29 05:05 by jmaustpc
Steps To Reproduce Create a new sketch by duplicating an existing sketch, drag it into the active body, click on PartDesign "MapSketch" icon, select the duplicate sketch from the drop down list, look at the attachments offered, the xy etc. axis planes say objects xy etc.

I thought Object was referring to Body but it is referring to the sketch's own axis planes, hence selecting one maps the sketch to its self.
Revision 2019-06-27 02:15 by jmaustpc
Steps To Reproduce Create a sketch attached to Body XY axis plane in PartDesign, then edit menu....Duplicate the sketch. Then use PartDesign "Map Sketch to Face" tool to move the duplicate sketch's attachment to another axis plane. Create more sketches in the same way as the first i.e. not duplicates.

Cycle through (enter and exit edit mode) the sketches that were not created with "Edit menu...Duplicate", then enter and exit edit mode of the sketch that was created with "Duplicate", the sketch will appear to be on the wrong axis plane, click recompute repeatedly and the sketch will to move around the axis planes of all the other sketches you previously put in and out of edit mode, until it eventually returns to kits correct axis plane.

I have attached a demonstration FreeCAD project file below, it is the same file that I posted to the forum topic.